Friday, February 19, 2010

Shawl number one

The first of “10 shawls in 2010” is done: Ysolda Teague’s wildly popular Damson (I think I’m the 759th person to post a finished one on Ravelry). Mine is knitted in Malabrigo Sock in Cordovan.

Lovely design – the two double increase lines on the back give it a horseshoe shape that stays on; the small size is very nice, and the contrast between garter-stitch and stockinette sections is really elegant, especially in a yarn with some sheen.

My next shawl wasn’t on my original list: it’s Rosemary Hill’s Brandywine. This is a Haiti relief pattern – $5 from every sale (more than 75%) goes straight to Doctors without Borders. More than 700 patterns have already sold – that’s $3500 donated so far. Can you help Rosemary get to her goal of 10,000 patterns sold?

I’m using Habu Tsumugi silk – a laceweight raw silk tweed.  I was hoping to finish it in time to wear it to Stitches West next weekend, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Here's an in-progress shot:

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  1. It's beautiful, and the photos capture the colors of the yarn so nicely...