Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Something new

Announcing…Knitfinder news & notes, a new source for short, frequent knitting news and tidbits posted several times a day (usually). You’ll find patterns and tutorials that catch my eye, new books and magazines, a good sale now and then, links to interesting interviews, blog posts, knitting in the news or on the street, and so on. You can subscribe if you like, and your comments and suggestions are welcome. There’s a link in this blog’s sidebar, and a news/notes button on the menu bar over at Knitfinder as well.

If you’re a fan of Knitfinder on Facebook this will look familiar – same content will appear both places. Here’s a screenshot:
Don’t worry - this blog isn’t going anywhere; it will still be the place for longer, more thoughtful posts.

In other Knitfinder news – there’s a new demo of the full subscriber version of our Starmore pattern index. I’ve been adding detail to it, including lists of colors required for Fair Isle designs. Check it out!

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